Before filling in the registration form please read the following:

Who should register 

  • Only students who have their own personal blog can register
  • Students who want to connect with other students around the world
  • Register only once – I can usually work out incorrect URLs by visiting class blogs or contacting teachers

A few days after  you have registered

  1. Check the student participants page which will appear in the header area to make sure you are there. Check very carefully under your age group as we don’t need names being doubled up
  2. If you are not on the participants page, register again being careful that your blog URL is correct.
  3. If you are on the participants list, start visiting other students your age or with your interests.
  4. Fill in the subscription by email widget so you are notified when posts are published each week – first challenge will be March 4 or if you have Edublogs reader, click on follow then you will be able to read posts in your reader.
  5. Make sure you have some great posts written so others can start leaving comments.

If you have a twitter account, use the hashtag #stubc to notify others of your posts – note no numbers in the hashtag from now on.

Read everything above this line, now is the time to register

7 thoughts on “March 2018 students register here

  1. Are my students able to register at the beginning of the week? I think this would be great for my students but I was not able to talk with them about it yet.

    1. G’day Ms Burley,
      Students can register at any time to join the challenge. If you have a class blog, it is also a good idea to register that especially if student blogs are on the sidebar or a page of the class blog.

  2. Hi, I have already registered for this, but how do I know it was successful and is there any list of successful participants?

    1. G’day,
      I can’t see your name on the spreadsheet which is formed from the registrations. What name, age, URL, country and hobbies did you register with?

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