Week 6: Our food and culture

An important part of blogging as part of a global community is learning more about each others’ culture.  Food is often one of the first things you notice when visiting another country. (If you completed this activity last year, you might want to change the topic to stories, songs or clothing from your culture) This…Continue…Continue Reading Week 6: Our food and culture

Week 5: Images and sounds

There is a lot to learn in this challenge so it will be running for a two week (fortnight) period. The next challenge will be posted on 17 April while I am away on holidays. Admin for this challenge Thanks to all those students, teachers and mentors who have been checking the student list for…Continue…Continue Reading Week 5: Images and sounds

Week 4: My World

Earlier in this set of challenges, we learnt all about you – your interests, your favourite foods, music and lots of other things when you wrote your ‘About’ page. This week we are going to learn all about the area or country in which you live. When you write your posts or use web 2.0…Continue…Continue Reading Week 4: My World

Week 3: Free choice

Because we had two posts last week and I know many students from the northern hemisphere  are on Spring Break around this time, I have decided that this week will be free choice. You might want to: catch up on the posts from the last couple of weeks – about me, avatar, commenting, guidelines, visiting…Continue…Continue Reading Week 3: Free choice