Time to nominate

Well the official part of the challenge is finished until September 2010 when we will start all over again. But there is one more thing we would like you to do. Over the past ten weeks, you have been visiting lots of different blogs from students and classes around the world. Some of them you…Continue…Continue Reading Time to nominate

March 2010: Challenge 10

Well, it is time to say farewell, so long or adieu from this first set of challenges in 2010. For those keen classes and students we will start again in September with a new set of challenges. So keep coming back here, early September, so you can register again. But this final challenge is an…Continue…Continue Reading March 2010: Challenge 10

March 2010: Challenge 9

Time is running out and the penultimate challenge is about to start. I hope you have enjoyed the challenges for this first part of the year. Remember another set of challenges will start in September 2010. Perhaps you will also join then. So what can we do for this – the second last challenge? Most…Continue…Continue Reading March 2010: Challenge 9

March 2010: Challenge 8

So you have now visited lots of blogs and there are some that you want to visit all the time. How can you do this easily? One option is to subscribe to that blog’s posts. You can subscribe by email – every time a new post is written you will be sent an email telling…Continue…Continue Reading March 2010: Challenge 8