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Have you run out of ideas to post about?

I was going to have a new page for each month of the year but then I found some great websites that already listed lots of different holidays you could write about. Some are global events, others are local to a particular state and some are just plain fun.

If you click on the image or link, it will take you to the website where all the ideas are listed.

Picture Prompts

Check out Mrs Yollis’ 365 project – maybe send in an image of yours

Have your class join the 100 Word Challenge

Daily picture prompt – remember to include the website where you got the idea from in your post.

Picture prompts from the New York Times – includes leaving comment on what you think the image is about then reading the article. Suited for middle and high school students.

Click on the image to look for a holiday happening today.


Go down to Daily Holidays and click on Agenda in right corner.

You now have a list of holidays happening over the next few days.

They also have a special list of Animal days.




This is a list of days relating to culture and festivals around Australia.

Many relate to different countries and religions.




Click on the link to get some ideas

Holidays calendar then you can sort by month, country, religion, weirdness etc

Interested in history and what happened on this day.

History channel link to ideas for this day in history.

Into fun, wacky ideas and trivia – then this is for you. Once you choose the day, click on the link in their calendar and it will take you to a new page with activities.

Do you want to do something? Check out Australia’s National do something calendar

Days of the year  – many funny or weird

If you want a new writing prompt for every day of the year, check this out. More suitable for middle or high school students.




Have fun and leave a comment here linking to your post when it is published.




  • Dear Miss W.,
    I have made a few blog posts. I have been making comments and the blogs that I have seen are amazing! I learn about some other kids that like blogging to! Over all I like Kidblog, I think it is fun! Here is a link to my website: Thank you!

    From: AriannaT

  • Here is an idea thank About something you really want and right about it.

  • Picture prompts sound like a great idea for my middle school Physical Education class. After reading your post and checking out some of the links, I feel that I can use pictures of sports interactions to start a blog post conversation with my students. this is something that I can work into my curriculum under sportsmanship, fitness, or game strategies depending on the type of picture being used!

    Here is the link to my personal blog post about this topic!

    • G’day Kate,
      Great to see a PE teacher prepared to use a blog in their teaching. You could also have students video themselves and upload it to the blog then critique what the video was showing.

  • School ends

  • Here are some post ideas:
    National kids day – first Sunday of August, you could reasearch about it.
    Bithdays – see what celebs share the same birthday as you or talk about your birth stone and star sign.
    NEWS – you choose an article in the NEWS about a different country and share your thoughts on it.

  • angel20042015

    I’m excited to read their stories. I bet they’re great.
    And you know what? YOU GAVE ME AN IDEA!

    ps my real name is Soraya

  • I would like my students to make an invention based on the inventions of Leonardo DaVinci.
    They will post them to Edublog and write about them. They are excited, I am sure, to see what others are doing and to see what others say about their work.

    • I believe that’s a great idea! I myself am a bit of a DaVinci fan so I might have to consider this idea for my next blog…

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