Week 1: Let’s talk about us

MTSOfan via Compfight Welcome to the 14th student blogging challenge. I hope you all enjoy the activities to choose from each week. Teachers – remember you can adapt the activities to suit what is happening in your class at that time or you can cut and paste parts of it on to your class blog….Continue…Continue Reading Week 1: Let’s talk about us

Week 1 Introductions

Photo Credit: Keith Tyler via Compfight Whenever you join something new, it is always polite to introduce yourself to the other people in the group. That is what this week’s activities are all about. Here are some examples to check out, but be creative. Jake’s bio poem (Jake is one of our student mentors) Jake’s…Continue…Continue Reading Week 1 Introductions

Great posts to read

I have been very impressed with the number of students who have included a pingback for me to visit their blog post. Every couple of weeks I will choose those which were very well written, showed variety in the answers or were very creative and well thought out. Make sure you visit these blogs and…Continue…Continue Reading Great posts to read