Time for a break

As we still have some schools and students catching up with the challenges over the last four weeks, I think we had better have a break from the major challenges.

Instead, if you want to leave some comments on other student blogs, remember to visit the Sept students 2010 page and check out the interests of students who are your age.  Maybe add some interesting links to your blogroll, ready for the game next week.

If you want to write a post, then think about a place, from the past or the present, where you would like to live or go for a holiday or vacation.

  • Why do you want to go there?
  • What intrigues you about that particular place?
  • How long would you like to stay?
  • Include some images or maps with your post.

Also if you are wanting to have your blog upgraded so you can use embed code, then leave an idea for an activity on this post linked here. Edublogs are giving away many upgrades for the best ideas.

See you next week for some more exciting activities.

Original image: ‘Matcha Tea Kit-Kat
by: Marc Phu

Released under an Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License

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Couldn’t see the video last week?

Some students have left comments that Blogger was blocked at their school so they couldn’t see the video made by Mrs Yollis and her class.  Here it is with both YouTube and Vimeo. Hopefully one of those will work at your school.

How to Compose a Quality Comment! from mrsyollis on Vimeo.

Also a reminder that this Friday is BLOG ACTION DAY 2010 where the topic is WATER. Visit the linked website, check out their video and scroll down the page to find out what you could write a post about.  To be part of this, your post MUST be published on 15th October 2010.

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Challenge 4 – Sept 2010

As mentioned last week, all the activities this week relate to writing comments.

So please have your ‘Recent comments’ widget on your sidebar with 10 comments visible.

This will make it easier for us to see where we left our last comment.

But before I set the activities,

I want everyone to visit this post

at Mrs Yollis’ blog.

I especially asked Mrs Yollis and her students to create a post about commenting.  She also included how to use HTML code when writing comments which will interest our older bloggers. So please visit her first before doing the activities below.


Are you still here?

Off you go, visit Mrs Yollis’ blog on commenting.


That was quick.

Are you sure you visited Mrs Yollis’ blog

to learn about HTML code in your comments?


OK, what did you learn while reading the blog and listening to Mrs Yollis and her students tell you about how to write great comments? Here then are this weeks activities relating to commenting:

1.  Create your own commenting guidelines to have as a page on your blog. Here are some examples to visit: Scattergood Biology, 2KM blog, poster on comments, AbbeyR, a primary school in Australia,

2. Visit and leave comments on at least 10 blogs of other students taking part in the challenge. Look for students your age and who have similar interests to you. That way it is easier to continue a great conversation. When leaving comments try to use some of the HTML code mentioned in Mrs Yollis’ blog. Here are some examples: Mike – teaching about avatars, Shelly – discussion with Mrs Yollis over a 2 month period, Saskia – how the challenge can break down walls

3.  Add to your blogroll ready for a game next week. You need at least 15 names on your blogroll.

Remember you can divide these into link categories like I have on the left sidebar of  my class blog – challenges, check these passions, get help here, global Australia, global rest of the world, grade 6, 2010 and  grade 7, 2010 and finally left this year.

On your edublogs dashboard go to links> link categories to decide how to divide your links. When ready to add the links go to dashboard> links> add new> “Name” put in person’s first name then “Website” URL of their blog then remember to click which category you want them in.

4.  Make sure you have a user avatar created. Go to dashboard >users> your avatar and upload one you have created. This could be the same as your blog avatar or you might create a different one.  Then whenever you leave a comment on someone’s blog, this avatar will show.

Also make sure in users >your profile, you have a name displayed publicly as and that you have your blog URL  on the line website.  The owner of the blog where you leave a comment now only has to click on either your name or your avatar and it should take them to your blog.

Students over 13 might also want to visit gravatar where you can upload a globally recognized avatar to use when leaving a comment on any blogging platform whether it be edublogs, wordpress, blogspot etc.

5. Write a post or leave a comment explaining how a blog could be improved. As you visit many blogs to read posts, you start to see some really great blogs that are designed well, don’t distract you from reading and generally make you want to visit again. Write a post about what you consider is a great blog and use some examples from where you have visited.  You might also want to mention the things that put you off visiting a blog regularly.  This idea was from Poisonious Inspiration.

6. Find three bloggers (not in your school!) whose work you enjoy and add them to your blogroll. Write a post introducing them to your readers and sharing your favorite article from each blog.  This idea was from Denise.

7. Also, while it is encouraging to receive comments… is there room for an “Introducing one of my commenters” posts? To present it a little bit like reflective listener… this is____ from ___. His/her comment helped me because _____. Maybe then adding to the blog roll…?  This idea is from declairing (Mrs Bee)

8.  Write a post for Blog Action Day 2010 which is all about water. See separate post I have written for this activity.

9. Reminder about “One Day on Earth” activity for classes.

Original image: ‘Celebrating 6 month on FLICKR and 300.000 individual views of our photographic works! THANK YOU TO ALL OUR FLICKR FRIENDS AND GROUPS!::))
Celebrating 6 month on FLICKR and 300.000 individual views of our photographic works! THANK YOU TO ALL OUR FLICKR FRIENDS AND GROUPS!::))
by: uggboy

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Some disappointed students

Disappointed http://www.flickr.com/photos/24932870@N04/2501616262 by: Katy

I noticed as I was checking blog posts from the last two challenges, that some students had tried to embed Vokis and pets on their blog posts or sidebars, but they hadn’t worked properly.

The main reason for this is that Edublogs free blogs (which most students have) often get a lot of spam from bots reading embed code. So Edublogs last year took off the chance to use embed code in these free blogs.

But they realised that most teachers pay for one of the PRO Edublogs blogs. So they allowed a PRO user to disable ads for up to 50 of the free blogs. This then means students can use embed code on those upgraded blogs.

Another way to get the ads off and be able to use embed code is to watch out for Sue Waters who writes the “Edublogger“. She often has competitions to take part in where you get a year’s subscription as a PRO user.

On this post about the student blogging challenge, she tells of two ways you might be able to get a free subscription, so check it out.  (Look for the hand pointing on a yellow starburst)

Original image: ‘Disappointed‘ http://www.flickr.com/photos/24932870@N04/2501616262 by: Katy

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Visit these

Get a Voki now!

Some more great responses for challenges 1 and 2.

Vokis to guess where students would like to go: Indy, Marcy, Abbey,

Posts about privacy, internet safety and lifelong learning : Teegan, Megan, Deja, SadinaAshleyMalcolm, Olivia, Ruma Toru Otewa, Monique, KrithikaChelseaHeather, ColemanMeganJakeAshley,

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School Tours – CO Connections, Mr Webb, Ms Woodward,

Because some students still have free Edublogs blogs with ads on them, the Vokis and other widgets with embed code are not working. Teachers with a pro Edublogs blog can upgrade 50 student blogs and take off their ads, thus allowing students to embed code.

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