Over the Easter break I visited many blogs to check if students had written at least one post during March that related to the challenge. I have also included some from week 6 about work.

Here are some posts that caught my eye:

Sophia – tutorial about embedding flag counter

Oscar – travelling around Australia for 3 months with his family

Madeline – prezi about her dream job. Also check out her Easter posts

Lily , Emma, Malia, Nick, –  perfect job with great explanation

Gisela , Hannah, Astanah, Mikayla, – volunteering post

Christian , BooBoo, Jonathon, Ana-Maria, Clay, Dharyl, Letty, Breeyana, Cassidy, Jose, Chey, Paloma, Lupita, –  including survey

Natalie , Olivia, Kerry, – experimented with pictures using Animoto

Malia , Kiley, Lauren, Eli, Cate, – A-Z of work – choose and leave a comment

Caroline , Collin , Riley, Ashley, Drew, – includes a poll about work

Mrs McKelvey’s class had a great spring break

Mr Miller’s class looked at volunteering and writing surveys

Mrs Norton’s class created a poll

This video from Em’s post last year came in handy for some students when finding images

Other interesting posts – Chasen, Natalie, Amro, Eddie, Kiley, Lauren, Jason, Hannah, Andrea, Skylure, Jarrod,

Vacation posts – Jake, Alexis, Isaiah, Nick, Gabby, Olivia,

Mentors recommendations:

Kaity, Yen Khe, Kayla

3 thoughts on “Visit these – weeks 5 and 6

  1. Hello Challenge Bloggers,
    Thank you for all the wonderful suggestions of creative websites. We will keep trying new ones for the rest of the year I think!
    There is one which I like to play with now and then called Bomomo. You might like to give it a try. You can find it here: http://bomomo.com/
    from Ms Norton & 5N

  2. I did the Student Blogging Challenge last year and I would like to not do it again this year. Is there any way I can unsubscribe so I don’t continue to get the emails?

    Please reply to my comment if you know what I can do,

    1. G’day Tess,
      Generally at the bottom of the email, there should a link you can click on that says ‘unsubscribe’. If you can’t find it, get back to me and I will take it off for you.

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