Well, I think I gave too much work last week. Many posts about volunteering and dream jobs. So this week it is time to relax. Let’s have fun on the internet.

This week I want you to show off your creativity. I have suggested some sites you might want to visit. If you know some other sites to show off your artistic talents then tell us about them in a comment and we will add them to the list.

We want to see or hear your creative masterpiece so you might need to make a screen shot to save as an image to add to your post. Otherwise add a link to where your creative work can be found.

Remember if you are under 13, you will need to get parent and / or teacher permission to use many of them.



  • Magnetic poetry – create a poem using their words, take a screen shot or submit to their gallery and put link in your post
  • Use Fotobabble  or Blabberize to create a movie or book trailer
  • Register at Educaplay to create lots of games and literacy activities
  • Create a book that flips the pages at flipsnack. Check out the other links at the bottom as well.
  • Make beliefs comics are great for your creativity
  • Little Bird Tales for creative writing

Music and audio



  • Automatoon will not work with Internet Explorer but great way to create an animated movie.
  • Another great site is goanimate – teachers there is an education version of this as well
  • Kerpoof is great for all ages


  • Think this might be a girlie site called Pop studio
  • Check this page for lots of computer links for creativity

Sites suggested by students last year

Wacky Web Tales from Dawso

Stykz – similar to Pivot from Isabel

Edheads – try knee surgery from Gabriela


Activity 1 – Visit at least three different creativity sites and write a post about what you did on the site. Remember to include a screen shot and or link to your creative masterpiece.

Activity 2 – Find a website where you can collaborate with another student from a different country – you might be able to create a story together or something else more creative.

Activity 3 – Make sure you have lots of links to other students and classes on your blogroll. If on weebly,  maybe create a post with at least ten links of other students around the world. You are going to need this for a game next week.

Activity 4 – Write a post about creativity and how you are creative in your life. If possible display your creativity eg photography, video, music. Check out this blog by chillibasket in Ireland. He is showing his creativity each week with the photos he has taken.

Activity 5 – Leave a comment about another site on the web that you think is showing creativity. Remember to leave the URL of the site.

If you still have time, visit lots of blogs of other students around the world. Leave comments on their posts and make sure you include a link to your blog so they can return the favour and visit your blog to leave a comment.


43 thoughts on “Week 7: Too much work, now have fun

  1. Miss W,
    Thanks for the great activities. They are keeping us very busy.

    We are trying to catch up on week 7’s blogging challenge. We will post as soon as we can!

    We actually tried to roll Let’s Work into week 7s challenge by creating Glogster poster about our Dream Jobs.

    Mrs. McKelvey

    1. G’day Mrs McKelvey,
      You and your students are doing a great job with the challenge. You don’t have to rush to keep up. Any challenges you don’t complete now, can be done at any time of the year.

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  8. Oh wow Miss W this sounds like so much fun. I wish we could spend the whole week playing around with all the sites you have listed. Unfortunately with the ANZAC Day holiday on Wednesday and NAPLAN (National Testing) looming ever closer it is going to be difficult to fit in much blogging time this week. We will do our best and may have to carry over into next week. Where does the time go? Thank you for this wonderful list of resources!
    from Ms Norton & 5N

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