Well it is Monday and we will be presenting again this afternoon. No need to be rushing around going to lots of different sessions at ISTE but I am finding some of the booths in the lobby interesting – seeing what other schools are doing using technology in their curriculum.

Whenever I am not wandering around the conference, I am sitting in the Blogger’s Cafe, networking with other teachers. Was great to put a face to many Aussie and overseas teachers who I know from Twitter or blogging.

As well as the booths there are the exhibit halls. Rows and rows of products being shown. In our ISTE bag, we were given a booklet of coupons but it took ages to fill in the back of each before putting them in the raffle draws at each product booth. All the raffles will be drawn on Wednesday at noon and people will be notified by 1pm to pick up their prizes. I am aiming to win an iPad and or Kindle. Would be great to take back to use in Australia with the eSchool blogging classes.

One thing I have noticed is that most people are using a smartphone and an iPad for tweeting and writing blog posts. I am finding my laptop is very heavy, so if I don’t win an iPad I might have to invest in one for the future. So many sessions are about using iPads and apps for them. There was even an app to use for the conference instead of lugging around the printed version of the conference website.

Will write more about the exhibition hall tomorrow as I plan to take my coupons home tonight, fill them all out, put them in numerical order then start up and down the aisles leaving them at each exhibit.

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