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Halloween is a fun time of the year and a great opportunity to show your creativity while developing connections with others.


Mr. Evil Cheese Scientist via Compfight

Feel free to adapt these activities to any other celebration, festival or event that is held in your country, state or town.  It doesn’t have to be Halloween.

Activity 1: Dress up your blog for Halloween

Events like Halloween and Christmas are ideal for dressing up your blog.

Here’s some ideas on how to dress up your blog:

  • Add a Halloween picture to your header or background.  You’ll find lots of great Halloween images that are free to use on Pixabay.  For help, refer to uploading a custom header and uploading a custom background.
  • Add an animated gif to your background.  You’ll find some free animated gifs on FG.A.com
  • Add some fun Halloween Widgets.  You’ll find a list of cool Halloween widgets on Homeschool Towers Spice up your blog for Halloween post and lots of other ideas on how to make over  your blog for Halloween!  The instructions on how to add a text widget show how to add a widget using embed code.
  • Change to a Halloween Style theme.  The theme Monster on Edublogs was originally designed for Halloween.

Once you’ve dressed up your blog write a post explaining where you found all the headers, images, widgets and tell your readers why you choose each one.

Activity 2:  Write some poetry or spooky story about Halloween.

Write a poem or a spooky story about Halloween and remember to include some images to show what you learnt from last week’s challenge on using images.

Activity 3:  Write a post about how you celebrate Halloween or the History of Halloween. 

Halloween is celebrated in lots of different ways around the World.  Read If Only Best Birds Sang ‘Halloween traditions with photographs‘ post to learn how they celebrate Halloween in Ireland.

Now write a post to tell us how you celebrate Halloween where you live or write a post on the History of Halloween.

Activity 4:  Show off your Halloween creativity using some different tools such as powtoon, thinglink, padlet, glogster, soundcloud, poll daddy and embed them into a post.

There are many cool interactive tools that you can embed into post that create opportunities to grab attention and engage readers in ways that aren’t achievable using text and images.  You’ll find examples of popular tools that you can embed here.

Now choose one (or more of these tools) to show off your Halloween creativity and write a post that includes your embed tool.  Classes – you could get students to work in groups using a different tool.

Still got more time?

  1. Visit other blogs either class or student – choose bloggers from other countries, maybe you will start getting some dots on your clustrmap or some flags on your widget.
  2. Check out the magazine on the sidebar – are you featured in there yet?
  3. Also check out the One World Our World magazine – this is where I am flipping the Raise Your Voice posts
  4. Leave a comment on a challenge blog post linking back to your post so Miss W can visit and leave you a comment.

Miss W visiting your blogs

Starting this week, I will only be visiting blogs where students or classes have left the post URL in a comment with an explanation of why you chose that activity.

If your teacher is moderating your posts, you will need to wait until it has been published before giving me your URL.

Check out the difference between a blog URL and a post URL.

Blog URL: http://studentchallenge.edublogs.org

Post URL : http://studentchallenge.edublogs.org/2015/10/10/raise-your-voice/


There will be a special admin post this week, so please make sure you read it. It will affect mentors, students and classes.


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  1. The links you have posted to go look at are amazing they all are very creative. You should come try and check out our educational blogs @cougarnewsblog.com

  2. Hi Miss W,
    I really enjoyed this challenge because you got to meet other people around the world and get to know them. You also get more Chromebook/desktop skills from doing the challenges.
    URL: http://lucycentral.edublogs.org/
    From Lucy.

  3. Yay!!!!!! Halloween has been and it was very fun carving pumpkins and going trick or treating.

  4. Hi Miss.W
    please come and check out my blog at kidblog.org/qd/y6leo

  5. Hi Mrs.W, Its Tyler I have completed the “Lets Celebrate” post. Don’t forget to come visit my blog @ 2021twk.edublogs.org

    • Hi TYler,
      Remember you need to include the link to the actual post not just your blog URL.

  6. Hello, Miss M. My name is Sydney. I decorated my blog for New Years. This was really cool changing our blog. Come check it out at http://2021smm.edublogs.org.

  7. Hello Mrs. W! I finished the Week 4 Blogging Challenge. Completing activity 2 and 3 and incorporating them into one was so much fun. Although it may have took 2 weeks, it’s totally worth it. All in all, check out my blog post to see for yourself!
    Soaring Through The Pen

  8. Hello Miss W. My name is Emma. I decorated my blog for Christmas. I hope you like it and come visit @2021eeg.edublogs.org

  9. Hello, Miss W, my name is Brianna. I have almost completed this challenge. My holiday is Halloween! Please visit my site at 2021blb.edublogs.com when it’s complete. I will leave another comment.

  10. Hi Miss W, my name is Hailey. I had a lot of fun doing the Student Blogging Challenge. Please visit my blog @2021hrr.edublogs.org

  11. Hi Miss W, my name is Kelsie. I really enjoyed participating in your blogging challenge. I hope you can visit my blog @ 2021klm.edublogs.org

  12. Hi Miss.W. My name is Makayla. I really enjoyed doing the” Let’s Celebrate” blog. I hope you can come check it out @2021MHH.edublogs.org

  13. Hello Miss W, my name is Ayden. I really liked the blogging challenge so far! It is very fun and I can learn a lot bout blogging an how to type right. I hope you can comment on my “Let’s Celebrate Halloween” blog. My blog URL is http://2021atd.edublogs.org/

  14. Hello Miss. W, my name is Nathan. I had lots of fun participating in this blogging challenge. I am really happy with the way i decorated my blog. I hope you can comment on my “Lets All Celebrate Halloween” blog, my blog URL is http://2021noh.edublogs.org

  15. Hi Miss W,
    I have completed Week 4 SBC. -Sorry it is also a bit late. My favourite part in doing this was every activity!
    I think this is how you do a post URL, but if it isn’t, can you please tell me how to do one? Thank you!

  16. Hi Miss. W, I’m Alexander. I enjoyed participating in the blogging challenge, especially seeing who is participating internationally! My blog’s URL is 2021abl.edublogs.org

  17. Hi Mrs.W, I’m Abby. Thank you for creating the blogging challenge! It is so cool. I like being able to see other peoples blog from round the world! I find it very interesting! Please visit my blog @2021ahf.edublogs.org

  18. Hello my name Cole. I have completed this challenge Thank you I hope you check out my blog @2021cmw.edublogs.com

  19. Hi Miss W!
    My students have completed the challenge for week 3. They have written a combination of short stories and some informational posts about Halloween. We also decorated our blog just a bit with some flying witches.


  20. Hi Miss.W! My name is Meagan! I completed the Halloween decorating challenge! I love halloween, so I loved this challenge! I loved decorating my blog for Halloween! It was super fun! I hope you come check out my blog at 2021mep.edublogs.org.

  21. Hi Miss W, this is Zane I really liked the challenges this week, my favorite one was the poem. I had lots of fun with it. Here is my URL to my blog.

  22. Hello Miss W,

    I have completed the activities for this week. This week was quite festive, and it was a great idea to make the theme Halloween with it coming so soon! Here is the link to my first challenge: http://hmsangela.edublogs.org/2015/10/27/sbc-41-blog-costume-for-halloween/
    If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you should be able to find the rest of the posts.

    Happy blogging,

  23. Hi Ms. W,
    It’s Ayla,
    I love your Halloween post and so I did one to. I have completed week four and three. I know I am late-Sorry.
    Visit my blog! 🙂 http://aylaz13.edublogs.org

  24. Hello Mrs.W. My name is Victoria. For the upcoming night of Halloween, I have decorated my blog to match the holiday. I hope you come visit my blog at http://2021ven.edublogs.org/ and have a good Halloween!

  25. Hello Miss. W,
    I have enjoyed this challenge on writing a poem about a Halloween or fall activity. A chose to write a poem about a Halloween night. I hope that you are able to see it. Here is my link http://abbyas21.edublogs.org/2015/10/30/fall-poem/


  26. Hi Mrs.W My name is Jeremy. I enjoyed reading your blog post. I enjoyed the setting up my blog for Halloween the most. I also liked number 2 about the poem come visit my blog. https://2021jg.edublogs.org/

  27. That was a really good post

  28. Hey Mrs.W. Are you excited for Halloween? I ready for all the candy. Here’s a link to my Halloween blog. hope you like it. http://goo.gl/oUadLN

  29. Hi Miss.W! My name is Sammi,and I love Halloween! I just finished decorating my blog for this awesome holiday! A lot of people ask why I love Halloween so much because it is usually associated with death and all creepy things. The answer is I love it because for this one night,you can go out into the world and be anything you want. The candy and spookiness is great,but on October 31,if I want to be a minion or an 80’s pop artist,I can! Anyway,if you would like to check out my blog,here is the link @2021scc.edublogs.org

  30. Hi Miss Wyatt, I have dressed my blog to look really cool. I hope you have time to see it @2021ckc.edublogs.org. Maybe you could post a comment it. I hope that you have a good day.

  31. Hello Miss W,
    I love that this blogging challenge is helping me write again. I love to write, but really don’t feel that I am good at it. Through this challenge, and modeling writing, I hope I am helping my students.

    I used this week’s challenge to write a Haiku poem. I hope you enjoy it!

    Mrs. Whittle

  32. Halloween rockshttp://tristontriston.edublogs.org/2015/10/29/halloween/

    • tristontriston
  33. Hey, Miss W. This is 20stewkr. Halloween is right around the corner, and what I thought would be festive, would be to make a short video of my Halloween. So, here is the link below, hope you enjoy my video and post.

  34. Hi Miss W,
    I hope you have had a happy Halloween it was so much fun researching the history of Halloween! here is my blog which has the Halloween presentation on it. Thank you!

  35. Hello, Miss W, my name is Sarah. I have completed this challenge. My holiday is Thanksgiving! Please visit my site at 2021skc.edublogs.com

  36. Hello Mrs. W! I have finished changing my blog “looks” for Halloween! I have s story, poem, and how my family celebrates Halloween.

    If you would like to check it out visit my blog!

  37. Miss w I have edited my blog to be a Halloween looking blog. You can look at it at this link. @2021hbs.edublogs.org

  38. Hi Miss W
    my name is Caitlyn and i have dressed up my blog i would love if you would look at it.
    from Caitlyn

  39. Hi Miss Wyatt,
    I have finished my Halloween post. In my post I gave a description of my costume, pumpkins and decorations.

  40. Hi Miss W,
    I wrote 2 posts for halloween. The first one was a scary poem and the second was my halloween traditions. My image on my poem didn’t require credit to the owner. I chose to do a poem because I enjoy writing and reading poetry and I added a scary image to go with the text. For the second post I chose my families traditions because I like to share how we enjoy halloween. We have different traditions and customs when it comes to halloween. I also dressed up my blog with some widgets and other cool things.

    Here is the link to the first one:

    Here is the link to the second one:


  41. Hi Miss W,

    I have added some spice to my blog by changing the background and adding a gif.
    Hope you like it.
    My Blog URL: paaramiw06.edublogs.org

    Thank You ,

    • G’day Mary Ellen,
      No you don’t have to use Halloween. If you want to do Thanksgiving or Christmas or a celebration that happens in your town or country then that is OK as well.

  42. I have dressed up my blog for summer and have I have written a post.

    • 2290jayden2015
    • Jayden,
      I would love to visit your blog and see how you have decorated it, but you haven’t left the URL of your blog or the post you want me to comment on.

    • Hi Miss W I have completed the Celebrating challenge and it was a lot of fun. I did Christmas and my title is Let’s Celebrate Jesus Christmas. Visit my website to see my blogs which is @2021rlh.edublogs.org.

  43. Did you also know that it is not a christian holiday in the first place:D

  44. Those websites really are cool