Project 365: February 24

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Make sure you have a great post on your blog that visitors will want to leave a comment on because that is the only activity to do this week.

Visit other blogs and leave quality comments.

Hopefully you can visit at least 10 blogs (not your classmates), leaving a comment on each one.

  • Use the list of student or class blogs to find some posts you could read. Remember those class blogs with names in mauve have a list of students in the sidebar or in a list on a page on the blog.
  • Or click on the flipboard magazine and find some great posts in there. Click on the writing of the post in the flipboard and it should open to the actual blog post. I am adding about 100 posts there each week so lots for you to choose from.

Your comment should:

  1. Be addressed to the writer of the post
  2. Make a connection to the writer or add extra information about the post or relate to something you have seen or done relating to the post
  3. Be proofread for spelling and punctuation
  4. Include your blog URL or class blog URL

Below are some great posts written for previous activities throughout this challenge. You might want to visit some of them to leave comments. (These couldn’t be flipped)

Mel, Ellie, Jared, Aiden, Mason, Hoow20, Kathryn, Victoria, Wilao, Gisele, Mary, Farhiyam,

Summary posts written by classes

Mr Helpern on Halloween, McDowell media on foods, Mr Dawson’s class now have avatars, Mrs Smith’s class on food and using wikimedia images


There is no need to leave me a comment when you finish this activity. I will be spending this week getting the student lists updated and adding mentors to some students. I will also be looking at some of the class blogs I haven’t visited yet in the challenge.

13 thoughts on “Week 6: Go visiting

  1. Dear Mrs. W
    This is olivia1am, and i put springfield instead of USA which was a complete accident 🙁 Can you please change this small little mix-up mistake 🙂

    thanks 🙂

    1. G’day tmr123,
      I am a retired teacher now, but I still visit lots of schools around Tasmania helping teachers and students to start blogging.

  2. Dear Mrs W,
    I have been on lots of other peoples blogs and some of them are amazing!!
    I have put some of the blog URL as post on my blog.

    Kindest Regards Lyndall Klaebe
    Here is my blog URL if you want to check them out

  3. Dear Mrs.W,
    While I was doing the week six activity, it wasn’t letting me enter other peoples blogs. It would say “error connecting”. If you know any sort of way to figure this out please let me know.

    Thank you,
    Jaden Encarnacion

  4. Hi Miss W!
    Recently, my class has been commenting on each other’s blogs. Unfortunately, some of my classmate’s blogs are unreachable. A page pops up asking to log in again even though we are currently logged in. By any chance, do you know why?
    My blog:

    Thank you!

  5. Hello,
    I had my class comment to some of the edublog classes today. Occasionally they get the error messages such as: “you’re commenting too quickly” or “you’ve already submitted the comment.” Any ideas how this can be resolved??
    Thanks in advance,
    Gordon Brune
    (kidblog user but edublog follower)

    1. Hi Gordon,
      The reason you get the messages are too many students trying to submit comments at the same time on the one post. I find the best way to get over the problem is to have students copy the comment they write before pressing the submit button. That way they don’t have to type it all again if they get a message back, they just have to paste it in again.

      1. Interesting. The whole class went to the whole site but only a few were going to the same post. Anyway, the teacher said she received lots o’ comments so I guess they went through regardless.
        (And thanks for swinging by!)

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