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Different activities this week but first some posts worth visiting. These students and classes have been leaving the URL of their POST so I could visit easily. Many of you are only leaving URL of your blog rather than the actual post, so I only approve those comments but don’t visit.



Lots of posts have been added to the #16stubc Flipboard magazine – is one of your posts in there yet? Over 500 posts are there from the two sets of challenges in 2016.

Now to this week’s activities

Instead of me writing a post, I invited some other teachers, educators and mentors to create posts on their blogs. So you will need to choose where to go. You can visit one or as many as you like.

Remember if you leave a comment on the post, make sure it is a quality comment. If you include a link in your comment make sure it goes to your blog or the post you have written on your blog.

Mike Farmer

A retired science teacher (living in Spain) and mentor in the challenge invites you to discuss the Gaia hypothesis. Visit here if under 12 years old, here if 12 and older.

Mrs Yollis

Grade 3 teacher (from California) who creates videos for the challenge, invites students to talk about playing outside at school. PS Make sure you leave excellent comments here – maybe include some HTML code to impress Mrs Yollis and her students. Leaving a comment here will be different to your normal Edublogs blog.

Mrs Smith

Grade 6/7 teacher (from Vancouver Island, Canada) invites you to discuss how prepared you are for emergencies where you live. This includes a survey she would like you to fill out.


Member of staff at Edublogs, invites you to visit, virtually, his country South Africa – lots of activities to choose from here

Still got time left this week?

  • Visit other classes and students taking part in the challenge.
  • Read the #16stubc Flipboard magazine – link on sidebar
  • If you have some favourite blogs you visit, make sure you have them linked on your sidebar or in a page on your blog or in a special post. You will need these links in a couple of week’s time when we play a game.


132 thoughts on “Week 4: Guest posts

  1. Hi Ms W, I chose to finish Lea’s story because I liked the subject that she wrote about, and I believed that I had good potential to finish it well.

  2. Dear Miss W,

    Hi! My name is Anisha! I completed week 4: guest post. It is about our game which we played in our school. This activity was given by Mrs Yollis. My website’s URL is down below-

    Best Regards,

  3. Hey Miss. W, Im back 🙂
    Im done with the Week 4.. if you would like, Ill try adding more and more each day. Till the next week!

    Hope you will visit me soon 🙂
    P.S. I love to smile 🙂

    Cant wait for Next Week!!! Yahoo!!!

  4. Hi Miss w. how are you I just finished week 4! I commented on Mrs. Yollis ‘s blog Did you know they play bamboo you should cheek it out Here is a link to her blog You will see my comment there 🙂 .

    Oh and thank you so so much for putting me on the flip board magazine, you have no idea how much that means to me thank you so much ! 🙂

    Your friend,
    Samana 🙂 !

  5. Hello Mrs.W this week was cool because on an emergency blog there is a funny short zombie apocalypse video and I made a laugh emoji code. If you want to watch the video here is the link: . And by the way I really love the student blogging challenge because I never done it before.

    Sincerely, Tyson

  6. Hi Miss W. I decided to visit Ugene Brown’s blog for my guest comment. I really liked all of his pictures of Kruger National Park and thought is was super interesting!
    Khan S.

  7. Hi Miss W. for this weeks challenge I decided to go to Eugene’s blog and I thought it was very interesting, I also liked all of the images and videos he had on his blog.

  8. Super cool!Check out my post on America(my country)

  9. I liked the bamboo one because it shows people that they can be a little safer on the playground. Is it hard to play that game? 😉

  10. Check out the cities I have been to @

  11. I finished my post on Story Starter. Your post is really cool check out my blog

  12. Hi Miss W.
    Hope you’re feeling well.
    The real reason why I choose Mr. Eugene post was because I found it more attractive to me. I already went in south Africa when I was way younger, and even if I don’t remember much about it, what I know is that it was one of the coolest trip of my life. So, when I saw mister Eugene post, I instinctively clicked on it.
    Talking about a country that some people may not know much about is very fun. I made some research and I learned even more about Senegal so that I could make something that may look like a great post.
    This week was really fun. Thank you for organizing this challenge
    I had fun while doing this.
    And here is the direct link to my post:

  13. Dear Ms. W,

    I really enjoyed this week’s activity. I went onto Mrs. Yollis blog and commented on her post all about the games her students like to play at recess and lunch. I commented and then made a post about it.

    This is my post

    I would really appreciate it if you could come and have a look at my blog because I have not had another person or a mentor come and comment in my blog yet.

  14. Hi Miss. W,

    I checked out Mr. Eugene’s blog because we both have something in common: we are both from Africa. For the activity, I used my school Twitter account to post a couple things that I liked about my country.

  15. Hey Miss. W, Im back 🙂
    Im done with the Week 4.. if you would like, Ill try adding more and more each day. Till the next week!

    Hope you will visit me soon 🙂
    P.S. I love to smile 🙂

    Cant wait for Next Week!!! Yahoo!!!

  16. Hi Miss W!

    My name’s Olivia from Australia.

    I have completed an activity on Mrs Yollis’ post which was about playing outside.

    I have described how the weather in Australia affects how we play outside I also talked about the sort of games we play in Australia at lunch time.

    Please come and check it out!

    Also in Australia, we only have a few weeks left of term which means we only have a few weeks left of the student blogging challenge.

    I don’t mean to sound annoying, but I was just wondering, how long do you think until I can receive a mentor?

    Olivia 🙂

    1. Olivia,
      With over 2500 students in the challenge, there is no way I can get 100 mentors to help. But you are doing a great job with your blog and I have visited each time you leave a comment here with your post URL. I either leave a comment or flip it to the magazine.

  17. I chose Mrs.Smith because I have always been interested in what would happen if there were to be a natural disaster, a zombie apocalypse, or I the end of the world had come upon me. I find these topics very interesting and I want to learn more about this topic; therefore, I chose to read this blog post.

  18. Dear Ms. W,
    I went to Eugene’s post because I thought South Africa would be nice to look at since I have never been there before. I learned some new information that I didn’t think were true, but he just proved that it can be. I thought it was really cool to see all of those nice pictures and videos, I enjoyed being able to see all of that. I usually don’t travel unless it is to see family, but those pictures and videos made me see things that were interesting, new, and really nice. Anyways, here is my blog:

  19. Hi !

    My students showed interest in Eugene Brown’s post on South Africa. So although Mr.Farmer’s post on the Gaia theory was also very interesting, we’ve decided to focus on Eugene’s post.
    Students will take a survey while/after reading the post on South Africa and then I will ask them to write their own posts on their favourite places in Portugal.
    To inspire them I also wrote a post on some of my favourite places in our country.

    Thanks for your support, Miss Wyatt!

  20. Hello!
    I enjoyed the challenge I chose because it was about South Africa. I actually went to South Africa a few years ago(more than five years ago) and I really enjoy the ‘tropicalness’, the sun, the beach, the caramel covered ice cream (urghhh). I just miss South Africa. I did Mr. Eugene Brown’s activity(I did the twitter activity). He asked the we post a tweet about our country and to us the #ILoveMyCountry. He suggested that we leave a comment on his blog post with a link to our tweet but the was no comment section so I put the link here. Have a wonderful day!

  21. Hello Miss W,

    I hope you are having a good day. For today’s challenge I picked Mrs.Smiths activity number 2. I chose that one because I am the kind of person who always likes to be prepared so I thought that it might be a good idea to share the type of materials I think are very important to always have prepared. Come check out my list at If you think that more things should be added, please leave a comment. Thank you.


  22. Hi, Ms.W I hope you are having a wonderful day, I chose to comment on Fatima’s blog post because it had an intriguing beginning that makes the reader want to imagine an end to it.

  23. I worked on the desaster preparedness and took the survey. I imagine that a lot of people will take it so they will have a lot of interesting data!

  24. Hello Mrs W
    I read Mike Farmer’s post because I think it’s important to realize that some thing in the world are complete mysteries that need concrete evidence to know the real answer. I said there was really no way to know whether or not Gaia is a real thing. If you want to read my post in more detail, here it is:
    Does Gaia really exist…or not?
    Z 😛

  25. Hello Mrs. W
    I chose Mr. Farmer’s challenge (for over the age of 12).
    My reasons for doing so were really just that he was a science teacher, and since I like science a lot I felt like seeing what his challenge was. What I did was respond to his prompt, and my answer was that Gaia doesn’t exist. If you want to see my answer more in depth, check out the post I made:

  26. Hi Ms. W,
    I did the activity on how prepared we are in emergencies. Ms. Smith had said many interesting things and I learned quit a few things. I took the survey and it made me realize how unsafe I am and how I should be more prepared because you never know what is going to happen at which time and all the issues that could happen where I live.

  27. hi Ms. W! I chose Ms. Smith’s post because I am very interested in apocalypses and emergencies. I filled out a survey on her post to help her gather data. It made me really think about plans and supplies my community might have for such situations and go over drills in my head. Very informative!

  28. Hey Mrs W,

    I decided to read Mrs Smith post because I had no idea how prepared I was n case of emergency. When reading this I did activity four which was a survey.

    Thank you for your time,

  29. I answered a google forms, because I felt that it encompassed what I was trying to say in the best way.

  30. I decided to post a comment on Mr. Farmer’s blog post because his topic was interesting as it was a subject I’d been personally asking myself about. Seeing the comments of other people on his blog post certainly helped shape my opinion and understanding of Mr. Farmer’s main topic.

  31. Hi Miss W,

    I really enjoyed this week. It was super fun, and had some interesting activities! For activities two and seven, we had to create a video. I decided to try it, and it ended up being easier than I thought it would be! I’m super proud that I tried it because it was very enjoyable! Also, I really liked all the other activities too! Mostly having to write sentences and stories with just pictures. It was really cool! With that being said, I would like it if you looked at my blog post. Especially activities two, six, and seven!

    Visit my blog post at:

    Thanks so much!

  32. This weeks Challenge is interesting because I get to share my opinion and point of view, I chose Ms Yollis’ because I though it would be nice to see what others do and to give my perspective.

  33. I chose activity 2 because i really wanted people to have an idea of one of them wonders of the world. i also explained what happend to the people that the Taj Mahal.

  34. Hello Mrs. W,
    For today’s challenge I choose to do Mrs. Yollis activity about outside activities. She gave several different examples of activities you can play outside when you have free time or recess. I choose to do Mrs. Yollis blog because I spent a lot of time outside and was interested in what new activities I might be able to do. However, though I am older and don’t play the game during I commented on her blog about what I do do during my free time, which is play basketball. Here is the link to my comment –

  35. Dear Ms. W,

    I chose Mrs. Smith’s website to visit. I chose her website because, it’s very important for people to know how to be prepared for emergencies. I picked activity 4, which is a survey on how prepared you are. I chose this because not only do people need to be prepared, but those who don’t even know how to get prepared can now learn what they are missing and get themselves prepared.

    Here is a link to the page of the survey I took:

    Thank you

  36. Hey Ms. W,
    I hope you are having an amazing morning / afternoon/ or evening. For this week’s challenge, I decided to comment on Mrs. Smith’s activity because I felt as though I always underestimate my entourage. I’ve never actually thought of what I needed / what I would do if there was an emergency arousing. So when I visited her sight, I decided to complete activity number 2, where I was supposed to comment a list of things I would need if an emergency was supposed to happen over night. Here is a link to my post :


  37. I made my comment on Mr. Farmer’s post about the Gaia theory. Science interests me and when something big like this comes up, I am attracted to it.

  38. Hello Miss W. We got lot of obligation lately so we didn’t participate in task arangement, but we will come back this week. We finished mini project about Shakespeare regarding to 400 years since his death. My pupils wrote some poetic texts, esseys, made some presentations, trailers etc. That material will be on the blog during next week, so please call your pupils to watch and comment. We would like to have discussion about Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare, love and in that fashion we would like you to participate in our humble jubilee.

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